Eastville Park Walk

So it was a really lovely evening and I wanted to dust off my camera and take a few photos. I’m by no means a photographer but I like to try to be creative and it just makes me really happy to be outside on a sunny evening taking photos.

We went to the local park in Eastville, where there’s a lake – I think it’s actually a really big pond but that’s not important… I really enjoy walking around Eastville park, it’s big enough for you to forget that you’re in the middle of a city (if you can ignore the distant hum of the M32) and there’s plenty of wildlife.

These are a few of my favourites from this evening –


There’s a flock of Canadian Geese and they let us get up really without hissing at us!


Lots and lots of ducks!


More Geese….


And finally another duck!

I know it’s hardly an African safari but I love taking photos of animals! Please let me know your thoughts! And if you’re in Bristol, I do recommend a summer evening walk around Eastville park, around the lake and towards Snuff Mills, it’s so pretty!


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