Edinburgh Zoo

We went to Edinburgh Zoo for the day!

4:30am – it was an early start, our flight was at 7am from Bristol Airport but it was an exciting day trip (anyway I can sleep on the plane right?).

7:30am – wrong! I can’t sleep on the plane, at least not without my head bobbing about and falling asleep on the stranger next to me!

9:00am – We’ve arrived at Edinburgh Zoo after a one hour flight and a short bus journey. We walked to the top of the Zoo and this is the view:

The Zoo is much bigger than it looks from the outside and I think we ended up walking over 10 miles with plenty of hills! It was worth it though, I really enjoyed the animals and thought their enclosures were really well thought out.

The highlight of the day was our sighting of a panda. There are two at Edinburgh Zoo and whilst you’re not guaranteed to see them, it’s worth the wait, they’re a lot of fun to watch rolling around, eating bamboo. Here’s Tian Tian licking the door in the picture below:


I also spent a lot of time with the rhino, who had a great personality. I could have watched him for hours playing with a tyre:


We stayed at the Zoo until 5pm – I was determined that we would go to every single keeper talk which took place every 15 minutes to half hour. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on:

11:00am – Meerkat Talk
11:15am – Reptile Talk 
11:30am – Feed of the Day
12:00pm – Chimpanzee Talk
12:30pm – Sumatran Tiger Talk

After a packed day, we then had to head back to the airport to catch our flight back to Bristol.

We were shattered by the time we got home but it was SO worth it. Edinburgh is so easy to get to from Bristol and the transport network in Edinburgh is fantastic and very easy to use!

I really recommend a trip to the Zoo but would advise staying overnight to give yourself the chance to go into the city (this is on my to-do list).